PixAI - the latest course in the PixBlocks Academy

Artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our everyday life

Does your child know how to use it wisely?

The PixAI course is dveloped to prepare children and teenagers aged 10-17 to think about AI in a multidimensionally way and use its capabilities responsibly.

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What your child will learn in the PixAI course?

The sooner children learn the importance of a responsible approach to AI and the opportunities it brings, the better prepared they will be for the challenges of the future. They will be able to prudently use the potential of innovative technologies.

Thanks to the PixAI course your child will:

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Understand the basics of artificial intelligence and the areas of its use

Our course will introduce your child not only to the basics of the ubiquitous AI, but also help in understanding the fundamental principles of its operation and use in everyday life. Kids will learn about its potential, the benefits it brings, and they will also learn an ethical and responsible approach to using artificial intelligence.

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Find out how to use AI engines responsibly in a practical way

Your child will have the opportunity to work with the latest artificial intelligence solutions such as ChatGPT and DALL-E (AI for generating images) that are revolutionizing the world. Practical classes with AI are the best way to discover its true capabilities and learn how to use it wisely and safely.

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Learn to creatively solve problems

AI is very happy to suggest, but you need to know how to communicate with it. Your child will learn how artificial intelligence algorithms work, learn how to receive accurate and valuable information. By asking the right questions, experimenting and analyzing the results of their actions, your child will learn the right approach to solving problems.

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Create independently an application using AI using the Python language

In the PixAI course, your child will learn the basics of the Python language. Using this programming language, they will also code an application using ChatGPT. By understanding artificial intelligence and its practical use, your child will gain access to extraordinary perspectives that include not only technological aspects, but also conscious and responsible functioning in today’s world.

Enroll your child in a PixAI course!

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Curriculum of the PixAI course for children and teenagers

The PixAI course for kids and teens covers the following topics:

During the basic course (5h) your child will learn:

We will compare artificial intelligence with human thinking and discuss areas where AI can be used, such as medicine, industry, and transport. Your child will learn about the specific use of AI using voice assistants (e.g. Siri, Alexa), recommendation systems (e.g. Netflix, Spotify) and autonomous cars, which will allow them to see how artificial intelligence affects our daily lives and what benefits it brings .

We will learn the practical applications of machine learning in everyday life, on the example of an algorithm for grouping data (e.g. food products). We will learn the basics of programming in Python, which is one of the most popular artificial intelligence programming tools. Using the self-created code, we will group data on the example of colorful images. This is a great opportunity to learn about the practical applications of machine learning and its potential in various fields.

This stage consists of three modules, during which we will learn the basic concepts related to the generation of materials by AI and discuss ethics and a responsible approach to the use of artificial intelligence. The modules will contain practical tasks that will allow you to experiment with various parameters for generating text, music and images. Thanks to the course, the child will have the opportunity to expand their skills and learn about the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

During the advanced course (5h) your child will learn:

AI Dungeon is an AI-based project that allows you to generate interactive stories and scenarios. Kids will be able to experiment with different uses of AI Dungeon. By writing their own stories, creating scenarios from RPG games or solving puzzles, children will learn about the various possibilities of artificial intelligence. Finally, we will summarize how AI Dungeon can be used in various fields, such as game development and literature.

We will learn the basics of Python, which are necessary to create your first artificial intelligence project. In the module, we will cover, among others: loops, i.e. a tool that allows you to repeat certain actions in a program. We will also teach how to use loops in the context of artificial intelligence, such as data classification. We will also present many examples that will allow your child to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

As part of the course, your child will create an application using artificial intelligence. One of the example projects may be, for example, a speech recognition application, a ChatBot for handling queries or a game of tic-tac-toe. Thanks to these classes, your child will not only know how to approach AI responsibly, but will also gain practical skills on how to use it wisely.

PixAI online course

For children and teenagers aged 10-17

The course starts already in June! Don’t delay, as the number of places is limited.


5h per week

Regular price 179 USD

Early-bird 139 USD

Basic + advanced

10h within two weeks

Regular price 299 USD

Early-bird 199 USD

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Why choose the PixAI course with PixBlocks?

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Only 4 people in the group

Small groups mean better use of time, individual approach and excellent results. Our mentors have time for everyone, thanks to which they can thoroughly explain complex issues and answer all questions about artificial intelligence.

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A learning app made for children and teenagers

We are unique thanks to having our own application for learning programming, which provides a friendly educational environment. Its attractive form makes it easier to understand the code and accelerates the acquisition of knowledge. The application is very simple, introduces you to the basics of Python coding and allows you to write applications using AI.

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Mentors with experience

Our mentors are people with many years of experience and teaching practice. Their knowledge and skills make learning interesting and engaging. Thanks to them, your child can learn to use AI wisely.

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The only such comprehensive AI course for children

During the course, we explain the principles of operation and the use of artificial intelligence in the world around us. Kids will also have the opportunity to test this technology in the practical part, by using e.g. DALL-E or ChatGPT, and at the end they will design their own Python application containing artificial intelligence.
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Enroll your child in the hottest course of the season - PixAI!

PixBlocks is a place where children and teenagers can develop their digital competences

We are constantly observing the changing world in order to respond to the challenges that children may face as quickly as possible and to prepare them for the future in the best possible way.

We try not only to follow trends and issues that may be close to children, but we also create solutions tailored to their needs.

We teach how to create applications, games and animations, as well as how to use digital tools in a creative and safe way.

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99.3% of children rate are happy with our classes! We check it after each lesson.

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We taught the basics of programming to 358,000 children!

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A proven teaching method allows you to develop logical thinking, planning and cooperation skills.

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During the classes, the teacher works with each child looking at their achievements, correcting mistakes and assigning points for great work and commitment!

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Frequently asked questions

We help you find a convenient time. Most classes are held Monday through Friday in the afternoons and evenings. We also have free hours in the mornings and on Saturdays.
Our lessons last 60 minutes. 
In the classes we use the PixBlocks application, which is available online – just log into it.
We make sure that the classes are as effective as possible, so we check the child’s knowledge and skills before starting the course. Thus, we match group participants in terms of: age, digital competencies already acquired and interests. This allows you to start learning at the right level.

If your child doesn’t like the first class – we guarantee a refund for the course.

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