PixAI course in the field of artificial intelligence

Basic level

The course prepares children and teenagers aged 10-17 to perceive artificial intelligence in a multidimensional way and teach them to use its potential responsibly.


online, 1h hour daily from monday to friday
5 hours of classes
up to 4 persons in group
2 payments of
249,50 zł
499 zł full price

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What your child will learn?

Applications and ethical approach to the use of artificial intelligence. Practical classes strongly emphasize the responsible use of AI.
Chłopiec z żarówką w ręku

We will learn what artificial intelligence is and where it can be used. We will discuss its role in medicine, industry and transport, and we will compare it to human thinking. We will address the issue of ethics in the use of AI. Children will learn how artificial intelligence affects our everyday lives by learning about specific applications, such as voice assistants or recommendation systems. Examples such as autonomous cars will help to understand the benefits of using artificial intelligence.


We will learn the concept of machine learning and learn how to use it in practice. We will learn the basics of the Python language, which is commonly used to program artificial intelligence. We will code the data grouping algorithm ourselves, which will help us categorize colorful images. Thanks to this, we will see how machine learning can find practical application in various fields.


We will learn the principles of creating materials such as generating text, music and images using AI (ChatGPT and DALL-E). We will learn the basic concepts of generating content by artificial intelligence, and we will also find out why a responsible approach when using AI is so important. Practical tasks will allow you to experiment with various parameters of generating materials. The course will broaden the skills and prepare the child for the conscious and prudent use of artificial intelligence.


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